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Xóm nhạc

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Xom nhac is a bi-weekly event showcaseing rising talents of Hanoi underground scene and beyond. The event was initially started by Thắng (Ngọt) and John of the Hanoi Social Club – and it also takes place at this cafe, on the green rooftop. I was the host of this show (took the torch from Thắng) for about 1.5 years. My job as host is to curate the program, communicate with artists and the venue, make sure artists’ technical requirements met and deliver a live set myself everytime at the event.

During this time, not only Hanoi indie artists like Tàu Bay, Kim, etc. but also Vietnamese traditional music artisans like Chu Thạch (Tay people with the Dan Tinh) and Mr. Tih (Jarai people with the K’ni), experimental artists like Rắn Cạp Đuôi and poet Yên and international artists like Filastine and Nova (US/IN), Joee&I and Teenage Granny (PH) and Saipa FireArts (TH) – Lannai tribe fire artist went on ‘the roofstage’ and left so many magical moments filled with original live music, intimacy (also due to this beautiful space) and inspiration.

My hope and aims are to showcase the rising talents of this city and the whole country, to push the boundary of what are normally considered as live music or arts in general (it’s not all about ‘love’ which are often sung about – not that it’s something bad but there’s more to that to feel), to create a safe space for local as well as international artists and the Xom Nhac audience to listen, learn and share.

Posters of all the events during my time as host