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A virtual collaboration with Edinburgh-based harpist Esther Swift to discover tools for online collective improvisation


In Extinction Stories, performers from around the world recount the stories of extinct and endangered species. I got to record the story about the Large Blue.

Recordings of the animals’ calls and cries – arranged, edited and sonically altered by AGF – interweave with scientific narratives of extinction and myths, as listeners are led through traumatic experiences of loss, and of losses yet to come.

“Extinction Room” was initiated by Sergiu Matiș in February 2019 as a performative, 16-channel sound installation which was part of his larger choreographic work – Hopeless. – with sound produced by AGF. It was then developed further into a new piece for Europalia Festival, and premiered at the art museum Bozar Brussels, with additional shows in Berlin and Bucharest.


Last mix right before Tết Dần dần đến!
Thanks to Mutant Lounge and Tomes for the constant support of the live electronic scene in Vietnam.

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