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This photo marks the start of my path of experimenting with vocal layers and using looping techniques. My good friend Brett Zweiman lent/gave me his Jam Man loop pedals – and this set-up had helped me conveying my musical thoughts into reality for about 1.5 years – before I moved on to the loopstation RC-505.

impromptu performance @ Quest 2018 (the canceled festival)

Quest Festival was a yearly multi-day camping festival located about an hour outside of Hanoi. For years, this gathering was home to a lot of the independent artists and creators of the Hanoi underground scene. This was our motivation, way to learn, shine and grow.

I first went to Quest for its second edition in 2015 and always was going then. I first performed there in 2016 and was supposed to be the closing-act (with Tiny Giant) on the main stage for its 6th (also the fatal) edition in 2018. About 5000-6000 festival goers were expected for this one.

About 200 of crew members and artists were on site prior to the event. When things got bad, we literally got stuck on site (with 3000 more outside the gate of the festival). The atmosphere was devastating – everything was set-up, the site, the art, artists, food, etc. The organising team had been working for a year leading up to the event. Lots of artists invested energy and time in performances tailored just for Quest. Many many more flew in from all around the world.

It was very misfortunate.

Looking at the exhausted faces both emotionally and physically, I just really wanted to do something to comfort them. That’s why I asked the organiser and the cops to perform or at least to sing something. For about half an hour, we shared the sorrow, anger, regrets, all the emotions.

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