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Hanoi Undercurrents

Episode 18 of the Timezones podcast series, co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. In this episode we travel to the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi and dive into its diverse sounds, noises, and artistic practices. We visit three female sound artists who talk about listening despite noise pollution, changing soundscapes through the past decades, how they collaborate with their peers, and how they cope with ongoing gender inequalities.


A podcast by LinhHafornow in collaboration with tomes (Tobias Paramore)

Nhung Nguyen, Ho Tram Anh, Hoang Thu Thuy

Field Recordings:
Palmer Keen (Aural Archipelago), Hoang Thu Thuy, LinhHafornow, tomes

Tiny Giant and Quách Thị Hồ (song “Hồng Hồng Tuyết Tuyết” at 15:00)


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(courtesy of LinhHafornow | looking from the past into the future)
A virtual collaboration with Edinburgh-based harpist Esther Swift to discover tools for online collective improvisation.
More about the event –> LINK
C͛H͛Ạ͛M͛ is a project kindly supported by Connections Through Culture (CTC) – an arts grants programme run by the British Council in the UK and East Asia. #BritishCouncilCTC #CultureConnectsUs
Last mix right before Tết Dần dần đến!
Thanks to Mutant Lounge and Tomes for the constant support of the live electronic scene in Vietnam.

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Review of a live performance at The Glad Cafe (Glasgow) in 2020 by Claire Sawer (The Wire)
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Conversation with Pete TR (Thanart Rasanon) 2019