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Seaphony x FAMLAB

In June 2019, a music residency brought to Hoi An (Vietnam) more than 40 musicians from a diverse spectrum of practices, ethnicities and geographies. At a point we counted around 105 different instruments being used on stage for performing: bagpipes, t’rung, k’ni, cello, gongs, electronics, cham drums, harp, the list goes on.

Over 20 days of living/eating/laughing/crying together, music and sharing an outdoor concert was culminated by the river of Han (Hoi An) in front of more than 400 audience. It was a great achievement to bring master musicians from all over Vietnam with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures (Jrai, Ede, Muong, Tay, Cham, Kinh), 3 Scot traditional musicians and other international artists to the ancient town of Hoi An.

This project was a collaboration of Lune Production, Phu Sa Lab and FAMLAB.

FAMLAB (Film–Archive–Music Lab) strand of Heritage of Future Past, a Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth project in Vietnam is an initiate by the British Council. Over the years this program has helped bridging connections between peoples and cultures.

Documentary // Concert video // Photos // A blog post by Bryan Wilson // Video of a practice

residency artists
(l - r) Ginang drums (Cham), gongs (Jrai), Paranung drums (Cham), Chum drum, Dan Do
practice (string and wind instruments)
(l-r) đàn tính/gourde lute (Tay culture), đàn nguyệt/moon lute (Kinh culture), Saranai flute (Cham culture)
practice at the historical Hoi An cinematheque
female artists of the residency
calmness before the storm
the electronic heads of the residency vogue-ing hard - check out Escuri (PH)'s project! https://www.facebook.com/escuriPH
Cham ritual dance
Central Highlands unite
Tom Bancroft with the Bohran