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The initiative took place in the provinces of Gia Lai and Ninh Thuận in August 2018, with participation of seven artists (five musicians, one film-maker and one visual artist) who learned about the music of each locality (Bahnar gong music and Cham ritual music, respectively) and the wider social context. The residency gave the artists the opportunities to experience the traditional music ritual of the Bahnar people and Cham people as well as a chance to take one step closer to appreciate the everyday life of these people.


The things that I will always remember from this trip are the smiles and being at ease in nature. I also learned about the ability of listening to each other // feeling the rhythm // synchronization from the young artists of M’Hra village in Gia Lai.


M'Hra angels
preparing for a gong chieng competition
Gong music contest
endless green of M'Hra fields
ghinang masters in Ninh Thuan
jamming with the villagers of M'Hra