#dchmvrbndngcnnctn – AGF poemproducer & Linh Ha


A story about histories encountered and shared collective memories in hope for solidarity.



#AGFpoemproducer and I met during a 2019 residency – Blind Signal. Through hours of talks and music and improvisation and wandering, we figured out that we have deeper connections than we thought.

These shared histories and stories are the foundations of #dchmvrbndngcnnctn – also part of REconnect by #goetheinstitut Hanoi.


Due to the recent pandemic – connecting in a conventional sense has been challenged. We found multiple ways to reach out – listen – share. It was not easy, but I’m proud of what we have achieved so far.
The results of this 4 month collaboration could be experienced through two forms – a live performance and an archived video.
The live performance happened on July 3, 2021 at Goethe Institut Hanoi, also livestreamed through their FB page (link). It was a hybrid performance with an edited video from AGF and me performing live vocals, electronic compositions and movements.
An archived video of the project is on its way.
More about the project

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My last trip outside of Vietnam before the pandemic hit the world. Such a trip!


I’d never been in the UK before and getting to know a bit of Scotland opened my eyes. The time spending in Cove Park was a life changing experience. In the sense that I needed that space (also head space) in that exact moment. Waking up to the breathtaking view and surrounding every day is a healing blessing – I did so much for my creative process as well as my physical and mental health. The time here also taught me the beauty and the power of nature – nature can be gentle and loving but nature is also brutal and can be full of rage. It taught me to be grateful, especially in this time of uncertainty.

Thanks to the generous support of Cryptic (Glasgow) and British Council I was able to connect with many fellow resident artists in Cove Park Residency Program in 2020 – from whom I learned a lot and share great memories – Kathy Hinde (UK), Paula Guersenzvaig (AR), Aeger Smoothie (RUS), Heather Lander (US), Myriam Boucher (CA), and many more.

I spent most of my time at Cove to develop the concept for my debut EP which focuses around the concept of ‘Garden’. This time and space opened my eyes to how I react with the surrounding, my relationship with nature, human interactions (the dynamic of how all the residency artists interacted with each other), how to make the most out of the residency time despite the uncertainty and distractions of the pandemic and also, how to be less self-critical when there was a lack of inspiration or motivation.


the first snowy days of the stay. the weather changed 5 times in a day, probably
snowy view
Oak and Taransay Pods
studio visits
furry moo pals of the park
beautiful pain