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H Ộ I – live electronic music, art and sustainable fashion

H Ộ I is a gathering to celebrate live music, art and sustainable fashion. I put together this event as an organiser (artist communication, logistics, art direction) for the first time. The event took place at Bamboo Westlake (back then, a very new bar/club in the North of Hanoi) in 2018.
The aim of the gathering is to push the awareness of other music genres in a live setting (especially live electronic music) and create a space for live musicians to gather and maybe some collaborations would florish from this environment. Besides promoting alternative live music is also a focus on art and community. Alongside with music are a drawing session with Hanoi Life Drawing Society and a space for participants to make zines, run by Hanoi Zine Library. There was also a collection of thrifts provided by Sirens. The Hanoi Social Club  cooked up delicious, healthy non-vegan and vegan food.
I really was hoping for H Ộ I to have an energy of a melting pot of creativity, togetherness (local and expat communities) and awareness of mindful living.
Music line-up: